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Bite Hard
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Bite Hard

Bite Hard Apple Cider… Crisp & Dry or Semi-Sweet Cider. As authentic as the town in which it was born.

Brand Story

Bite Hard Cider was born in Boonville, CA… a quirky little town in California’s Anderson Valley. Boonville - population 1,000 - is a special place filled with unpretentious and authentic folks. No limosines or spas in this town. Heck, Boonville doesn’t even have a stoplight!

A few years ago some locals decided to try making cider the old fashioned way… from the fruit of an abandoned orchard. They tried hundreds of yeast strains until they found just the right one… yeast they used to make champagne that gave their cider a flowery nose. They mixed this with apple juice fermented with another yeast that brought out the apples’ unique citrousy flavor and Bite Hard Cider was born. Crisp, clean, fruity… and authentic!