Hopes End

A TRUE STORY that began with HOPE and ended with wine, the darkly intriguing HOPES END brand builds on our culture’s fascination with the unknown.

Brand Story

A wine inspired by the true story of thousands of 19th century free travelers who willingly journeyed by sea from London to the far side of the world in 1886. Instead they arrived at Port Misery, South Australia…a dark swamp like place of lawlessness, low morals and high vice, far from the promising new beginnings they sought. At that moment they thought, if HOPE had brought them here, to this dismal place, then surely this was ‘Hopes End.”  And so it was named.

Among these free travelers was a young doctor, who had the remarkable idea to make a new kind of tonic for his patients, wine.  With this new idea came new beginnings, so in that moment they stopped always hoping for a better tomorrow, and decided to live for the day.

HOPES END is named for the place where our wine began, in South Australia 1886. Our Australian red blend’s wine’s journey also begins in HOPE, with the bright sunlight of our hot South Australian summers and the purity of our vines and grapes.

It ends with the Darkness and depth of our ripe red fruit and our deliciously indulgent taste.  Notes of forest fruit jam, vanilla with subtle oak, a hint of chocolate and a velvety, smooth finish.


  • Red Blend
  • Brandy Barrel Aged Cabernet Sauvignon