Main Street Winery

For generations, Americans have flocked to Main Street for high-quality, fairly priced products offered by friendly, family-owned businesses. Now, fine wine enthusiasts are doing the same.

Brand Story

Family-owned Main Street Winery in Napa Valley has been providing wine lovers with dependably delicious, priceworthy wines for over 60 years. Sourced primarily from California, Main Street Winery delivers finely crafted, super-premium wine that consumers can depend on.

With a sophisticated, yet approachable presentation, every bottle produced by Main Street Winery showcases a true expression of Cabernet Sauvignon. Main Street offers one popular varietal, a classic Cabernet Sauvignon, focusing on Napa’s favorite and most renowned varietal. With an appeal to the hometown charm unique to every city around the world, Main Street Winery has been crafting honest deals for the American wine drinker since 1948.


Cabernet Sauvignon